• ModelNINE T PureR NINE T
  • Year2023

100% motorcycle Customizable!

Choose from a large number of items to custom your Urban

With us, there is no standard project, all our models are customizable according to your desires and your use.

In collaboration with our design office, you create a unique project that looks exactly like you.

The rule is simple: 1 motorcycle, 1 driver.

C'est une moto BMW preparee dans un style cafe racer


Imagine facing a crucial choice: blend in and be anonymous or stand out dramatically and make a style statement? For our design office, this question has never arisen.

We have created the BMW Nine T Urban, a BMW motorcycle, which embodies boldness and individuality, fusing a punchy urban look with captivating sportiness. This motorcycle is not just a simple Nine T, but a statement of personality and taste for originality, which is aimed at free spirits who refuse to conform to conventions.

The Urban’s contemporary and avant-garde silhouette is unique and offers a striking visual presence on the road. The meticulous design and impeccable finishes are a testament to our attention to detail and our commitment to creating one-of-a-kind motorcycles. We designed the BMW Nine T Urban to delight café racer enthusiasts and offer an unforgettable driving experience that combines sportiness and originality.


The BMW Nine T Urban is much more than just a style object. It symbolizes freedom, adventure, emotion and speed.

With its signature flat-twin engine, the BMW Nine T Urban offers an intense driving experience in terms of emotion, whether on a BMW R Nine T or on a BMW Nine T Pure. Café racer enthusiasts will be seduced by its vintage look, which combines perfectly with modern performance.

However, the BMW Nine T Urban was not only designed to shine in the city. However, it reveals itself to be young and dynamic, thanks to top-of-the-range FCR Original equipment and specific design elements. It truly embodies an urban legend. Every detail has been carefully thought out to deliver an unparalleled driving experience, combining comfort, handling and performance. The BMW Nine T Urban will not be outdone on your urban escapades, but it is also at home on winding country roads. It guarantees you an agile and immersive ride, where every turn becomes a rhythmic dance. In short, the BMW Nine T Urban is the perfect motorcycle for those looking to experience strong emotions, wherever they are, in town or in the countryside.

C'est une moto preparee sur base de BMW Nine T Pure, ou BMW R Nine t
c'est un cafer racer BMW preparee par le preparateur moto fcr original


As usual, our workshop has endeavored to reduce this creation to the essentials, by purifying its overall design.

We have redesigned the plate holder, initially imposing, by moving it to the level of the gimbal. Continuing in this direction, we have designed a custom rear loop and integrated a battery holder, accompanied by K&N air filters, visually lightening the bike. We also worked on the details of the bike, adding decorative elements such as a radiator grille, high handlebars and machined foot pegs.

Like all the creations of our workshop, the BMW Nine T Urban is also distinguished by its customizable character. Custom motorcycle enthusiasts will be able to express their individuality by adding specific elements to their motorcycle, creating a true work of art on two wheels. Whether you choose to add unique accessories, customize the paint or make technical changes, this cafe racer lends itself perfectly to your creativity.


Let yourself be seduced by this BMW Nine T, which elegantly combines style and performance, and treat yourself to a unique experience in the urban world.

The BMW Nine T Urban is much more than just a motorcycle: it is the embodiment of individuality and self-expression.

With its bold lines and assertive look, this motorcycle is designed to accompany you on all your urban adventures. Whether you want to move quickly through busy streets, explore hidden corners of the city or just want to stand out with a motorcycle that does not go unnoticed, the BMW Nine T Urban is ready for any challenge.

Thanks to its advanced features, this motorcycle gives you an unforgettable riding experience, with power and agility that will allow you to navigate city traffic with ease. Hit the streets with confidence and ease, knowing your motorcycle is equipped with everything you need to feel safe and in control.

In short, the BMW Nine T Urban is much more than a simple cafe racer in line with the most beautiful BMW motorcycle creations. It’s a motorcycle that embodies the very essence of customization and individuality. Feel free to assert your style and live a unique driving experience with the BMW Nine T Urban.

C'est une bmw nine t cafe racer


  • Tailored rear buckle
  • FCR Original rear footpegs
  • Black DLC treatment on fork tubes
  • Modified front fender
  • Michelin Power 5 tire
  • Michelin Power 5 tire
  • Painted shock spring
  • FCR Original exhaust line
  • K&N air filters
  • Textured paint V2 rocker covers
  • FCR Original battery holder
  • Mini Bates front indicators
  • Mini Bates tail light / brake / rear indicators
  • Roadster handlebar
  • Montana mirrors
  • FCR Original custom painting
  • Smoked BMW logo
  • Matt black paint of various elements
  • Custom saddle
  • FCR Original radiator grille
  • FCR Original engine guard
  • SW Motech rider footpegs
  • FCR Original side plate support

The exhaust sound

Because there is no good driving experience without sound, our atlier paid particular attention to his exhausts.

A sound both hoarse and powerful.

Our accessories for Urban

All the FCR Original know-how from our preparations, available to customize your Urban

Aware of the character that you bikers want to shape on your mount. We offer quality accessories available on our online store > fcr-accessoires.fr

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If aesthetics holds an important place in our achievements, your safety is just as important. This is why all our safety-related
parts (lighting, braking, mirrors, etc.) are CE (EU legislation) approved.

They therefore meet the security requirements required by the Ministry of Transport test. Moreover, within the framework of our activities abroad, several of our motorcycles have already been confronted with MOT in Germany and

As far as exhausts are concerned, the criteria are still unclear. Our workshop is already working on solutions combining aesthetics and certification.

No, for warranty reasons our workshop only works with bases from our network.


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    • ModelBMWNINE T PureR NINE T
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    • ModelBMWNINE T PureR NINE T
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