Fat Bike

  • ModelBonneville T120Speed Twin 900
  • Year2023

100% motorcycle Customizable!

Choose from a large number of items to custom your Fat Bike

With us, there is no standard project, all our models are customizable according to your desires and your use.

In collaboration with our design office, you create a unique project that looks exactly like you.

The rule is simple: 1 motorcycle, 1 driver.

c'est une triumph sur la plage preparee dans un  style cafe racer par le preparateur moto fcr original


Designed to provide a reassuring driving experience, they combine remarkable stability with the raw power of the Bonneville twin-cylinder engine.

Our workshop has taken a deep dive into the world of cycling to rethink and reinvent Triumph’s best-selling Modern Classics. We have created exceptional cafe racers that embody the indomitable spirit and that do not compromise between driving pleasure and style.

Created on Triumph Bonneville T120 or Triumph Speed Twin 900, Fat Bike motorcycles are distinguished by their large tires mounted on 16″ rims, giving these machines an imposing presence and a unique look.

Each component has been carefully selected and meticulously adjusted to optimize performance and provide exceptional driving sensations. From the timeless elegance of the Bonneville T120 to the dynamic agility of the Speed Twin 900, our Fat Bikes push the boundaries of what you thought possible.


With a bold and captivating aesthetic we wanted to reflect our commitment to pushing the limits of design.

In addition to the unmistakable style, our workshop has paid particular attention to the comfort of the pilots on both the Triumph Bonneville T120 and the Triumph Speed Twin 900. We have redesigned the riding position to offer an upright posture, allowing optimal ergonomics and a balanced weight distribution. Plus, we’ve created a bespoke saddle that perfectly hugs the curves of the body, ensuring exceptional comfort on every ride.

Every aspect of this bike has been painstakingly thought out and executed with precision, bringing to life a cafe racer that transcends convention.

Every line, every styling cue speaks to our passion and dedication to providing a unique experience for Triumph motorcycle enthusiasts.

c'est une moto triumph preparee disponible sur triumph street twin ou sur bonneville T120
c'est un cafe racer triumph cree par le preparateur fcr original


We’ve re-engineered every detail to create a cafe racer like no other.

Whether you opt for the classic sophistication of the Triumph Bonneville T120 or the liveliness of the Speed Twin 900, you would benefit from a motorcycle that seamlessly blends performance, comfort and style.

Whether you’re a fan of leisurely city rides or a twisty road adventurer, our Fat Bike is ready to deliver memorable moments at every turn. Let yourself be seduced by this cafe racer with its daring charm and enjoy the exceptional performance that will propel you towards new thrills.


By choosing our Fat Bike, you affirm your individuality and your taste for the exclusive cafe racer.

Get ready to inspire admiration wherever you go, as this motorcycle will truly embody the ultimate expression of your personal style.

Don’t just go with the flow, make a bold statement with our Fat Bike. Explore new horizons, feel the excitement of the road stretching out before you and enjoy a driving experience unlike any other. Our creation is more than just a motorcycle, it is the culmination of our passion and our vision for a world where ride and style come together seamlessly.

c'est cafe racer triumph sur base de bonneville t120 ou speed twin 900


The exhaust sound

Because there is no good driving experience without sound, our atlier paid particular attention to his exhausts.

A sound both hoarse and powerful.

Our accessories for Fat Bike

All the FCR Original know-how from our preparations, available to customize your Fat Bike

Aware of the character that you bikers want to shape on your mount. We offer quality accessories available on our online store > fcr-accessoires.fr

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If aesthetics holds an important place in our achievements, your safety is just as important. This is why all our safety-related
parts (lighting, braking, mirrors, etc.) are CE (EU legislation) approved.

They therefore meet the security requirements required by the Ministry of Transport test. Moreover, within the framework of our activities abroad, several of our motorcycles have already been confronted with MOT in Germany and

As far as exhausts are concerned, the criteria are still unclear. Our workshop is already working on solutions combining aesthetics and certification.

No, for warranty reasons our workshop only works with bases from our network.


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