• ModelBonneville T120Speed Twin 900
  • Engine size900 ou 1200 cc
  • Year2022

100% motorcycle Customizable!

Choose from a large number of items to custom your Legend

With us, there is no standard project, all our models are customizable according to your desires and your use.

In collaboration with our design office, you create a unique project that looks exactly like you.

The rule is simple: 1 motorcycle, 1 driver.

two motorcycles created by the moto preparer fcr original


A range created exclusively on the basis of Triumph motorcycles, paying homage to the legendary Scrambler of the 70s, this is what we present to you.

These legendary enduro motorcycles, made famous by the iconic presence of Steve McQueen, today embody the spirit of freedom and adventure.

Each of these cafe racers can be summed up in two words: uniqueness and authenticity. They are the true reflection of the Triumph Scrambler spirit, while being distinguished by their impeccable finishes and their well-defined personalities. Every detail counts and contributes to the unique experience they offer.

c'est une triumph street twin de style cafe racer


Every detail has been given special attention to create a unique cafe racer.

To begin with, key components such as the frame and swing arm have been treated with care. We used a vegetable abrasive blasting technique and then nickel-plated them, giving them an authentic look.

American-style handlebars and cross-style footpegs add an all-terrain, adventurous feel to their physique, inviting you to take the road less travelled. Stamped plates, turn signals and fenders are one-of-a-kind pieces handmade in our own workshop, underlining our commitment to excellence and craftsmanship.


At the heart of this range is the Green Legend, a motorcycle based on Triumph Bonneville which launched this incredible success story 6 years ago.

Inspired by the timeless codes of the legendary Rickman Métisse, our workshop has created a cafe racer that is both modern and reliable, capturing the look and charm of vintage enduro motorcycles. First displayed at the Bike Shed, the Green Legend instantly captivated audiences, capturing the spirit of 70s freedom that continues to drive the motorcycling world today.

c'est une triumph bonneville T100 "Green Legend" sur une falaise
c'est un cafe racer Triumph de style scrambler dans un château


Each element, each piece and each trim has been carefully thought out to achieve perfection.

The rear indicators and even the frame ends proudly bear the FCR Original hallmark, a symbol of our quality. We have also paid particular attention to comfort, fitting each motorcycle with bespoke black leather upholstery, designed to provide optimum comfort during your adventures.

The suspensions, meanwhile, are Twin Factory branded, a guarantee of exceptional performance on all terrains.

However, the centerpiece of the Legends remains unquestionably the exhaust line, specially designed and made to measure for this unique model.

In addition, the painting of each motorcycle is entirely carried out by FCR Original, thus creating a distinctive and exclusive aesthetic to each creation.

c'est moto dans un style scrambler Triumph Bonneville T120


Get ready to live an unforgettable adventure on two wheels, in harmony with the spirit of freedom that has driven motorcyclists for decades.

By choosing the Triumph Speed Twin 900 (formerly Street Twin), and the Triumph Bonneville T120 as a base, our workshop opted for light and maneuverable motorcycles, offering an exceptional riding experience for both beginners and seasoned riders.

In short, this range of cafe racer is much more than a simple collection.

It represents true heritage, a tribute to iconic motorcycles and the fearless spirit of Triumph motorcycles from the 70s. If you are looking for an incomparable riding experience, combining tradition and innovation, then these unique Triumph Bonneville are for you.


  • Nickel-plated frame
  • Tailored rear buckle
  • Polished fork tubes
  • Fork gaiters
  • 18 inch chrome rims
  • Gray front hub
  • Grey fork top and handlebar clamps
  • Continental TKC 80 front tire
  • Shock Factory 2Win shock absorbers
  • 17 inch chrome rear rim
  • Grey rear hub
  • Continental TKC 80 rear tire
  • FCR Original high pass exhaust line
  • Brushed motor casings
  • Original transmission
  • FCR Original chain guard
  • Custom turn signals and tail light
  • Mini Bates front indicators with FCR Original strap supports
  • FCR Original chrome Bates headlight
  • FCR Original handlebar type cross vintage chrome
  • FCR Original brake master cylinder hose kit
  • Vintage Muddy grips
  • Motogadget Tiny Speedometer
  • Motone switchboards
  • Chrome tank + painting done in our workshops
  • Aluminum side plates with painting done in our workshops
  • Aluminum headlight cap with painting done in our workshops
  • Brushed fenders
  • Side covers painted in our workshops
  • Custom saddle
  • FCR Original Bates headlight bracket
  • FCR Original radiator grille
  • FCR Original engine guard
  • FCR Original remote neiman support
  • Monza tank cap
  • SW Motech rider footpegs
  • LSL passenger footpegs
  • FCR Original crankcase emblems
  • FCR Original license plate holder

Our accessories for Legend

All the FCR Original know-how from our preparations, available to customize your Legend

Aware of the character that you bikers want to shape on your mount. We offer quality accessories available on our online store > fcr-accessoires.fr

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If aesthetics holds an important place in our achievements, your safety is just as important. This is why all our safety-related
parts (lighting, braking, mirrors, etc.) are CE (EU legislation) approved.

They therefore meet the security requirements required by the Ministry of Transport test. Moreover, within the framework of our activities abroad, several of our motorcycles have already been confronted with MOT in Germany and

As far as exhausts are concerned, the criteria are still unclear. Our workshop is already working on solutions combining aesthetics and certification.

No, for warranty reasons our workshop only works with bases from our network.


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