Roadster Classic

  • ModelThruxton RSTriumph
  • Year2023

100% motorcycle Customizable!

Choose from a large number of items to custom your Roadster Classic

With us, there is no standard project, all our models are customizable according to your desires and your use.

In collaboration with our design office, you create a unique project that looks exactly like you.

The rule is simple: 1 motorcycle, 1 driver.


Roadster Classic motorcycles go beyond the simple machine. They represent a statement of style and passion that captures the imagination of cafe racer enthusiasts.

With their carefully crafted neo-retro aesthetics and thrilling competitive spirit, these bikes stand out in every way, attracting admiring glances wherever they go.

Get ready for an unparalleled driving experience, where performance, style and passion come together to create a one-of-a-kind experience. Roadster Classic motorcycles are here, ready to take you to new heights of thrill and excitement. Every moment spent on the handlebars of these exceptional machines will make you feel an intoxicating combination of power, elegance and adventure.


Based on the Triumph Thruxton R 1200, already acclaimed for its classic charm and sporty character, this version specially reworked by our workshop pushes the limits even further.

By integrating our high position roadster kit, we have created a motorcycle that offers an unparalleled riding experience. The exceptional performance of this machine is complemented by remarkable versatility, allowing you to enjoy intense sensations while adopting a natural and comfortable riding position.

But it’s not just performance that makes the Roadster Classic famous. We have paid meticulous attention to the finer details of the aesthetics of these bikes. Unique design touches have been added, creating a perfect marriage between neo-retro style and competitive spirit. Each curve, each finish has been carefully thought out to give the bike a look that is both classic and contemporary.

Elements such as the minimalist exhaust line, the distinctive round headlights and the short mudguards add a touch of sophistication to its design.

But what really makes the Classic Roadster unique is its personality. Each motorcycle is assembled by hand with meticulous precision, guaranteeing a level of artisanal quality. High quality materials are used to create a flawless finish, reflecting the attention to every detail.


The Triumph Thruxton R 1200 transformed by FCR Original truly embodies the passion for driving and the desire to push the limits.

Whether you’re a dynamic urban rider or an explorer of winding country roads, this versatile motorcycle is ready to give you an unforgettable riding experience.

Its captivating design and remarkable performance make it an essential choice for motorcycle enthusiasts who seek pure emotion. Get ready to experience intense moments and feel the adrenaline racing through your veins each time you take control of this exceptional machine.

Classic Roadsters are more than just a means of transport. They are a true statement of style and passion. Their carefully crafted neo-retro aesthetic and pulsating competitive spirit sets them apart in every way, drawing admiring glances wherever they go.

Get ready to immerse yourself in a world where performance, style and passion come together to create a one-of-a-kind driving experience. Roadster Classic motorcycles are waiting for you, ready to transport you to new horizons.


  • FCR Original roadster triple tree kit
  • 17” black spoke rim
  • Black fork triple trees
  • Black fork tubes
  • Black handle bar clamps
  • Custom aluminum front fender
  • Michelin Power 5 tire
  • 17” black spoke rim
  • Michelin Power 5 tire
  • FCR Original chain guard black
  • Black Ohlïns shock absorbers
  • Black swingarm
  • FCR Original black exhaust line
  • FCR Original crankcase emblems black
  • Black intake covers
  • Gold chain
  • Taillight 3 in 1 Mini Bates FCR Original black
  • Motogadget M.Blaze front indicators
  • Headlight with yellow optics
  • Black handlebar
  • Motone switchboards
  • Highsider Montana black mirrors
  • FCR Original custom painting
  • Custom saddle
  • FCR Original black radiator grille
  • FCR Original black engine guard
  • Black foot pegs
  • FCR Original side license plate holder black

The exhaust sound

Because there is no good driving experience without sound, our atlier paid particular attention to his exhausts.

A sound both hoarse and powerful.

Our accessories for Roadster Classic

All the FCR Original know-how from our preparations, available to customize your Roadster Classic

Aware of the character that you bikers want to shape on your mount. We offer quality accessories available on our online store >

Shop FCR Accessories


If aesthetics holds an important place in our achievements, your safety is just as important. This is why all our safety-related
parts (lighting, braking, mirrors, etc.) are CE (EU legislation) approved.

They therefore meet the security requirements required by the Ministry of Transport test. Moreover, within the framework of our activities abroad, several of our motorcycles have already been confronted with MOT in Germany and

As far as exhausts are concerned, the criteria are still unclear. Our workshop is already working on solutions combining aesthetics and certification.

No, for warranty reasons our workshop only works with bases from our network.


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