Our opinion on the TRIUMPH Speed Twin 900


In this first article, we’ve chosen to talk about the Triumph Street Twin 900. Find out what we love about this legendary base, and how we, as motorcycle tuners, like to work with it.


it's a triumph bonneville t120 chrome and blue

It’s no secret that we at FCR Original love TRIUMPH motorcycles. And when we talk about this brand, it’s impossible not to mention the Triumph Speed Twin 900.

This bike, originally known as the Street Twin 900 before being renamed by Triumph, is one of the brand’s most popular classic models.

Triumph describes it as modern, entertaining and accessible. The Triumph Street Twin 900 is a real must-have, taking its design cues from the very first Triumph Bonneville from 1959. Today, the Speed Twin 900 is part of Triumph’s “modern classics” range, alongside other iconic models such as the Bobber and Thruxton RS.

The Speed Twin is a flagship model for customization: with its sixties motorcycle look, smooth, fun ride and ingenious design, it’s the ideal playground for any motorcycle tuner.

What’s more, its A2 flange makes it accessible to the widest possible audience.

Over the years at FCR Original, we’ve modified the Triumph Speed Twin 900 in many different styles. It’s timeless in the Classic range, adventurous in the Legend, flashy in the Ride & Chrome, massive in the Fat Bike.


The Speed Twin has a timeless, easily modifiable design, allowing our team to create a multitude of different styles, from café racer to scrambler to bobber. Motorcycles offer real creative freedom.

The bike is ingeniously designed with a very simple base. This simplicity opens up a wide range of possibilities and allows for unrestricted design modifications, so that any style can be achieved. In other words, modifying the Speed Twin’s design is child’s play.

Rémy Designer at FCR Original

The triumph street twin 900 motorcycle offers the perfect combination of classic design that stands the test of time and limitless creative freedom. With this model, every owner can truly express his or her personality and create a one-of-a-kind cafe racer.

rémy designer chez le preparateur moto fcr original
it's a triumph speed twin created by the original fcr motorcycle tuner. it's a bike for women


The Speed Twin is a classic motorcycle with an upright, natural riding position. This makes it an easy-to-handle model, accessible to all, whatever their size. Although the basic motorcycle is designed to offer a riding position suitable for a wide audience, it can’t perfectly meet everyone’s needs. That’s why our workshop comes in to make certain adjustments, such as seat shape, handlebar height or footrest position, so that the bike can be optimally adjusted for each owner.

Once you’ve optimized your riding position, you’ll be able to take full advantage of the unique riding experience offered by Speed Twin. In fact, this motorcycle features a lively engine that delivers an exhilarating, dynamic riding sensation. Its ease of handling inspires confidence, making it an ideal choice for beginners looking for both pleasure and safety.


This simplicity of design also offers numerous possibilities in terms of accessorizing.

At FCR Original we’ve developed quality motorcycle accessories that are made in France and easy to fit.

Here is our selection of 4 accessories for the Triumph Street Twin that will give your bike a new look:

  • The exhaust system: It brings a new sound to your Triumph Speed Twin 900. An easy-to-fit exhaust system made entirely of stainless steel, with removable baffles
  • The radiator grille: A simple-to-install accessory that’s sure to give your motorcycle a high-quality look.
  • The vintage saddle: A new addition to our workshop. Available in two different styles, our saddles are made from high-quality skai.
  • Turn signals: Gone are the imposing, inelegant turn signals of the original version. Opt for brushed alluminium indicators, just as effective and much more elegant.
it's a brushed aluminum exhaust system for triumph street twin
this is a black radiator grille for triumph street twin 900
it's a vintage brown triumph speed twin 900 saddle
these are brushed aluminum turn signals for triumph speed twin